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Impact crusher (With Crushing & Shaping functions)

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Product Description:
Impact crusher is the ideal equipment for secondary crushing with the compressive strength of stones/ores no more than 350Mpa.
" Peng" brand PS series Impact Crusher with crushing & shaping functions is a new design which aim to improve the grade of finished products. Compared with normal Impact Crusher, the final products are in excellent cubic shape, the quantity of neddle-like shape and flake-like shape can be reduced 8%, and the energy consumption can be reduced 40%, especially better for processing high quality construction materials��
Final products in cubic shape.
High process capacity
Low energy consumption,
Simple, stable structure
Adjustable discharge opening,
Convenient operation and maintenance
It is widely used for crushing and shaping rock/ore in expressway/railway construction, mining, metallurgy, chemistry industries...
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