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Bag type pulsed dust collector / dust catcher

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In order to carry out the National Environmental Protection Act, help mining factories implement the system of safe production, improve labour conditions, do good work in labour protection and environmental protection, and carry on production in a eco-friendly and civilized manner. to control and eliminate pollution, protect environment, considering of the serious pollution of mining dust, our company new designed bag type pulsed dust collector combines the advantages of pulsed, cyclone and bag type dust collector. eliminate the disadvantages of the past Cyclone dust collector and bag type dust collector. 
ZXMC bag type pulsed dust collector was made to meet the requirements of high concentration (dust concentration��300g/M3), large and irregular emission of expressway stone crushing plant. The purified emission gas can reach the standard of GB16297��1996 of class 2 and class 3 area (particles emission ��50mg/M3)��
By test of scientific institutions and users, the technical parameters of product meet the design requirements. The dust collector is of high efficiency, large process capacity, reliable quality, convenient maintenance, beautiful appearance, etc. it also has the functions of selection and purification, especially the 4th of stone powder less than 0.075mm can be controlled less than 12%, thereby improve the quality of finished materials.
This pulsed dust collector can be applied to mining, smelting, machinery foundry, chemistry, cement, construction materials, food processing and other industrial and mining enterprises.
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